Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan


Over the years I’ve enjoyed carving wildfowl, songbirds and shorebirds, as well as a few bark carvings. But in recent years I’ve been pretty dedicated to caricature carving. I enjoy the fun of coming up with a comical idea for the carving and find myself smiling at the figures and the names and personalities that I give them. I also enjoy carving and painting detail. I probably spend the majority of my time on a project in just adding detail after detail in the last phases of the carving.

My carvings lean toward caricatures of people and situations…and dogs…that would have been around in the 30’s and 40’s: “Hobo and Ned” have borrowed a depression era pump railcar from the Kingston and Pembroke Railway; “Mervin the Mover” is hauling 1930’s household articles in a single load; “On the Road Again” features two little hounds going for a joy-ride in a 30’s era racer.

When I carved my hobo friend and the pump railcar, Peggy suggested that he needed a dog. So, to show a lot of motion, I chose a Basset Hound so that it’s ears could flap in the wind. Well, it seemed to me that little addition made the whole carving work, and, as a result, I’ve went on to do a number of caricature carvings featuring one or more Basset Hounds.

If you have any particular ideas that you believe would make a nice subject for a carving, please leave me a message as I enjoy a challenge.

Enjoy this website…check out the photo gallery…and check out the flickr photo site as well for additional photos.  I’ll do my best to keep it up to date and informative for those who enjoy carving.

Leave a comment on any of my posts or contact me at any time at to discuss carving, your projects…or just to say hello.




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  1. Kevin Williams (Willysticks) on said:

    Hi Mark,
    Super outstanding work ! I found this link from your Woodcarving Illustrated post concerning the Cottonwood Mill. Your carvings are excellent. This blog is very neat and clean. I hope to get one someday. Your photos are of outstanding quality ..Have a good one !

    Kevin Williams (Willysticks)


  2. Mark
    I was at the hamilton show today and let me tell you your ned and hobo is amazing I went to the dayton show in 2012 and yours is just as nice you should think about entering this year this carving would give the masters a run for their money again great piece


    • Thanks for your feedback Rick. At this point, I haven’t been back to the show to see how Hobo and Ned made out but will be there later this afternoon with my daughter. I’m looking forward to the show. Mark.


  3. Absolutely unbelievable – so creative, so accomplished, so “out there”!! Love, love, love them! Also took a look at the link to mspremiseconclusion. High levels of imagination clearly run in the family. . .


  4. how much chalice box would cost. a very basic one


  5. Mark, thank you for your words of encouragement when we met outside Home Depot. You inspired me to embark on my woodcarving journey. Your carvings are very inspirational.


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