Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Setting the Scene

Happy New Year!  Just think…a whole new year for imagining new projects.

Well, I’m ( finally ) at the point where everything is as finished as it’s going to be and I’m starting to place and position things together for the final gluing.

I’m a bit torn on whether to use the oak base beneath the rail base or not…I’m leaning heavily toward the oak base ( today ) as it seems to finish the carving off.

I’d appreciate any comments and your point of view on the base.




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6 thoughts on “Setting the Scene

  1. Richard Brown on said:

    My vote is to use the oak base. I feel it gives the carving a more finished appearance. By the way, Great Job!


  2. Thanks Richard. I think I’m there as well with the base. Mark.


  3. Agreed I like it with the base I think it gives a visual starting place for your eye to begin.


  4. Thanks Tohner…you make an interesting point. I was a little concerned that it made it look too static, but I like your thought. Thanks, Mark.


  5. I love the base! Completes the scene 🙂 I love how the oak base gives it such a clean look.


  6. Thanks for weighing in on this, Erin. I’m sold on it now, too. When I first added the oak base, it seemed a bit bulky. I’m used to it now and prefer the look, as you do. Nice hearing from you again. Mark.


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