Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Painting Completed

The painting of George Proudfeather is completed and I’m just in the process of creating a nice base for him to sit upon.  I’m so happy with the way that the bead-work and bear claws turned out.

I ended up laying the bear claws on the bear fur collar and “connecting” them with what I imagine are glass beads that George and his clan received in a fur trade.  George seems to be pretty happy with the outcome of that trade.

I used a bit of epoxy on all of the beads to brighten them up to be glass-like.  They really stand out from the other earth tones that I used in the overall piece.

I should also mention the wrapped pony-tails.  I was originally going to do these as deerskin but on second thought felt that the jacket had enough of that material in the overall carving.  So I took an aggressive carbide tool bit and lightly buffed the wrap just enough to lift the wood and make it “furry.”  I dabbed some various browns and a bit of autumn orange to give it a hint of perhaps a fox fur.  I think that it turned our pretty reasonably.

A mahogany base ( from wood from an old soccer trophy of mine ) has been fashioned and is just in the staining/finishing stages.  I’ll get that completed early this week and then I’ll be on to my next project.



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One thought on “Painting Completed

  1. As usual the detail is awesome! The look of knowledge that can only be gained with time comes through so well on the face and eyes. The detail on the feathers having carved feathers myself (with a carving chainsaw) are difficult to achieve. Well done.
    Keep truckin, Tohner


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