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Tool Roll for Chisels

That marvellous Peggy made me a denim tool roll for my chisels!  A tool roll is a really handy way to store chisels so that they’re organized on the bench and can be rolled up and transported or placed, protected, out of the way.  After getting a real sharp edge on chisels, the last thing that you want to hear is one of them rolling off the bench and hitting the floor!


We found a pattern on the web for a simple tool roll and modified it a bit to accept the size and number of chisels that I use most frequently.  Just search the web for “tool roll” and you’ll find several that you can use and modify.

It’s basically three rectangular sections sewn together in such a way that it results in alternating pockets for the chisels.  A little bit of figuring went into the size of the pockets…depth and width…so that the chisels were held snuggly but still protruded enough to be able to see the chisel size markings on the metal portions.

I should also mention that Peggy made the denim rectangular sections “doubled” ( I’d call it “two ply” ) so that the pouch would be strong and look nice from both sides.

Each of the rectangular portions that have the pockets sewn into them are used as flaps that each fold over onto the exposed ends of the chisels.  They meet in the centre with a bit of overlap to completely cover and protect the chisels.



The tool roll is then “rolled up” ( what a surprise ) and the remaining flap at the end wraps around the whole thing.  Peggy is going to sew a tether to that end flap so that I can tie it together so it’s nice and secure.


What a gal.  I’m being extra nice to her today.


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One thought on “Tool Roll for Chisels

  1. That’s really terrific,Peggy has done a wonderful job on the tool roll 🙂


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