Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Pretty Tough

Here’s the image that I found that is sort of the inspiration for this particular carving.  It’s basically going to be a bust, in a fashion, with the penalty box boards being the pedestal for the bust.  Should be interesting.

Emily is wrong

Our little fighter is looking pretty tough but definitely has a soft side to him…just look at that toothy grin.


The helmet is being carved in two separate pieces…a top and back…so that it conforms tightly to the head.  I could have carved this as one piece, but I just like the way that a hat, or in this case a helmet, looks when it’s carved separately.  It just sits nicer on the head with a realistic gap between the headband and the head.


It’s left-over turkey today for dinner.  My second favourite meal of the season!


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5 thoughts on “Pretty Tough

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Very interesting piece. Can’t wait to see it progress. Yeah I like left over turkey day too because that means I don’t have to cook! But what’s even better is taking all that left over turkey and its juice and make a pot of white navy beans with it. Yummy!!


  2. There’s just something about left over turkey dinner. I always have to start with a turkey sandwich made with pumpernickel bread!


  3. It’s going to be a great piece,I like the details already 🙂


  4. Thanks Lynne. This is going to be a bit different and maybe the first of a series…I can picture “Two Minutes – Hooking”, or “High-Sticking”…what do you think?!


  5. I like that idea a lot,you do such great sculptures 🙂


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