Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Starting the Base

The Country Hound carving is now finished, has been glued together and has received a light coat of urethane to protect the acrylics.  I like the way this carving is turning out.

The base has been cut from a piece of oak and I’m just getting a sense of how I’d like it to look.  I’m picturing that rocking chair sitting on a wood floor with a throw rug.  I’m going to play around with that for a little while and see what turns up.

For now, here’s how it’s looking.




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5 thoughts on “Starting the Base

  1. He is a very impressive country hound Mark,I love the colours and all the details,I can almost hear him howl 🙂


  2. He’s just about done, Lynne. A bit more on the base this weekend and I think he’ll be ready for his photo-op.


  3. Fantastic Mark,can’t wait to see his photo-op,you have done amazing work on him and he is the most gorgeous little country hound 🙂


  4. Wow somehow you weren’t showing up in my wordpress reader app so I have missed several entries. Looks like you’ve been busy even in the face of the holidays! I think I’ve corrected it now and should receive new entries. Everything looks awesome as usual. I’ve been busy on instagram I hope to get a new post out soon. Happy New Year!
    Keep trucking-T


  5. Good to hear from you, Tohner. I’ve been checking out your instagrams and am looking forward to your next post to see what you’ve been up to. Mark.


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