Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Few More Items

I started a floor lamp for Mervin by first making a bit of an interlocking base and then gluing the pieces together.  Once glued, I drilled out the centre and attached a 1/4″ dowel.  Once that was in place, I drilled a hole in some basswood block and glued it onto the dowel and then carved out an ornate centre and top piece for the lamp.  Right now, I’ve glued a miniature christmas tree light into a drilled hole at the top ( no, the light will not actually work!).  I need to come back to this and make a lampshade from brass sheet.




Of course, these folks weren’t reading by the light all of the time, so they also needed a good radio…which they’re having Mervin’s Movers relocate to their new home.  Once the tuning knobs are on, it’ll look really nice.


Lastly, I carved out a guitar and put it in a case.  Ok, then, it’s just a case but we’ll imagine that there’s a really well carved guitar inside.  His load is definitely expanding…



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3 thoughts on “A Few More Items

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Now Mark! This is looking like a first place ribbon winner, But…… You must leave room at the top of that pile for a lazy basset hound draped over snoozing away! Lol or a lazy cat 😉 Great carving!

  2. Mervin and his load is looking fantastic,this little guy is really much stronger than he looks 🙂 and I really like the additional pieces added,beautifully carved as always….I’m thinking too that a cat peeking out of the drawer would be perfect.

  3. I think that it is going to be a cat in that small dresser drawer. I’m also working up some ideas for a less than helpful dog.

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