Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Everything but…

…the kitchen sink.  Actually, I was prompted by a couple of fellow carvers to be sure to include the kitchen sink ( thanks Lynn and Roger ).

It’s hard to imagine a grown man playing around for half a day with a block of wood and putting together pieces of washers and what-not to come up with a 1930’s style sink and faucet…but that’s what I did today and enjoyed every minute of it.

Once it’s painted a porcelain white with some copper coloured paint on the faucet, it’s going to look really nice.






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4 thoughts on “Everything but…

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Awesome sink! I can’t wait for this piece to be finished. You keep out doing yourself!


  2. I think this one will never be complete, Cheryl. There seems to be always something else that he can be carrying.


  3. This sculpture just keeps on getting better,the sink is fabulous Mark and going to look great with Mervins load,it just had to have a kitchen sink,I can’t wait too see what else is going to be added.


  4. Thanks Lynne. It’s going to be pretty comical when it’s done. I’m laughing most of the time that I’m carving the pieces!


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