Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Third Panel Completed

The panel of Jesus is pretty much complete.  I’ll do a few minor touch ups and final sanding on each of the panels before putting a urethane finish on them, but this figure of Jesus is about where I wanted to go with it.


The next, and final, panel is that of Saint Mark.  Mark is known for a number of reasons including the writing of the Gospel, but one of the noteworthy historical facts is that it was Mark who brought the Gospels to Egypt.  For this reason, Mark is often depicted holding  or carrying the bible.  I’m planning to depict him similar to this figure of Jesus but with his hands holding an open bible.

I also plan on making some channels with a router around the edge of these panels and I’m not sure whether I’ll do that or start on the panel of Mark…


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2 thoughts on “Third Panel Completed

  1. It’s beautiful. I really like the soft lines and folds you have created in this carving.


  2. Thanks Wendy. One more panel to go!


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