Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Today’s Activities

Unfortunately, it’s a rainy January day in Kingston today.  The weather is becoming more and more peculiar.  The next few days are well above freezing and the following few days are expected to be way, way below freezing.  So, Rosie and I did our daily walk through puddles this morning.  I’d much prefer walking through snow at this time of year.

I did spend a bit of time on my latest panel for the chalice box.  I’m enjoying using the plunge-base for the Dremel tool.  I used it to cut a 5/8″ channel all around the figure and then used it again to cut a lesser channel around the halo and around the arms and book.  It’s actually quite handy in that you can set the depth that you want to carve down to and then just chisel later into that channel.  The Dremel tool isn’t all that powerful, so you have to take a few passes to get to the 5/8″ depth.

I’m working on the face right now and will turn to some Foredom tool work for the finer detail very shortly.

Here’s how it’s looking at this point.



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