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The King Holds Court

The Antler King is ready to hold court.  I added a bit of dark stain after I did some finer detail on the eyes, hair and beard to pick up the highlights.

A fun project.

The Crowned King of the Antlers

Our little antler man got crowned this weekend.  We’re both pretty pleased with the coronation.

This power carving of the elk antler with the Foredom tool has been a lot of fun so far.  If this catches your interest like it caught mine, give it a try.  A word of caution…I really work hard at keeping the dust levels down by doing the carving over a dust collector.  I also use a very good dust mask, and you should too.





Elk Antlers

I thought that I had mentioned the story about the elk antlers in one of my blog posts, but I guess that I hadn’t.

Well…I came across the artwork of a phenomenally good artist who happens to live in Minsk, Belarus and carves faces and busts out of elk antlers.  His name is Андрей Сагалов and if you were to copy and paste his name into Facebook, you’ll come across his many carvings.

I admired his carvings for so long that I finally put the word out that I needed a small piece of elk antler.  In no time at all, my sister-in-law, Bonnie and her husband, Steve, came up with a huge…I mean, huge…set of antlers that had been shed.  On my last trip down to Niagara, I picked them up.  After visiting my daughter along the way and losing one half of the antlers to her sense of family room decorating, I finally got them home and on the bandsaw.

So, this is the result so far of my rendition of my Facebook friend’s style of carving.  Of course this is all done with a Foredom tool and cutting bits that you’d expect to see at a dentist’s office.  That top piece will be a crown of sorts by the end of the weekend.

Click on the picture to make it bigger.

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