Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Whimsical Mill Bark Carving

My “whimsical cottage” looks like it became a dwelling above a mill of some sort.  I’ll have to think a bit about just what the water wheel is turning.  I’m definitely going to be getting some more bark…this is a lot of fun.

I need to cut out the windows and hollow out the back a bit so it looks like you’re looking into rooms.  Also need to burn the top of the chimney to make it look like it has been used by the home-owner whenever he isn’t in the mill making that whimsical what-ever.




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4 thoughts on “Whimsical Mill Bark Carving

  1. this is so gorgeous! Cannot wait to see it when its finished! All your carvings are incredible!


  2. Thank you, Erin. This was a lot of fun to carve. I think I’m going to be doing some more along with my normal caricature carving. Thanks for the nice comment. Please drop by again and see it when it has its clear finish…it tends to darken the bark a bit and makes it look nice and rich.


  3. Another great piece! Really love how you incorporated the white bark as water – perfect!


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