Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

It all starts with a block of wood…

It does all start with a block of wood.  In this case, basswood.  I’ve sketched out my hobo’s body from the front and side, being careful that the dimensions line up…what I mean is that the side view of the knee lines up with the front view of the knee, etc.

I’ve cut these rough-outs by hand, but it’s much easier if you have a small bandsaw.  And, it’s even easier when you have a good neighbour who owns a big bandsaw.  So, Ian, is going to cut this out for me this week.

You probably can see from the cut-out that the little hobo will be bent over considerably and have his legs apart as he’s pumping away at that rail car.  The tail of his suit jacket will be sailing in the wind a bit, if you can tell from the side view of the cut-out.

This will make a nice summer project to take my time on.



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