Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Castle Cottonwood

Had a nice piece of Cottonwood bark delivered to me the other day.  Once again, like the Cottonwood Mill that I carved earlier, the bark was generally white and light grey.  This time, instead of being rounded in shape, it was much more angular and I had to take a few days to look at it to decide what it was going to be.


I’ve been wanting to carve up another bark carving for my Mom and my Daughter ( Peggy kept the Cottonwood Mill and it’s already hanging on our wall ).  As I looked at the wood, it felt like a castle of some sort was in there, and as my daughter is a big fan of “Game of Thrones”, the decision was made.

Here’s the progress that I’ve made so far.



Those trees on either side are “holding up” some part of the castle structure.  They were particularly fun to do.  I’ll be carving some caves at the bottom of the carving.  The waterfall that I’ve left will feed a little moat.

I have a few more photos on the Flickr Photos in my Links off to the right of this page.


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