Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ned’s Head…cont’d

Here’s the painted version of Ned.  I like the way that he turned out, especially that two day growth of beard.  I can almost picture him on that railroad pump car already.

To date I’ve used a piece of wire for any cigarette that I’ve added to a caricature.  In this one, I just carved it quickly out of a piece of basswood.  The “stogey” is short enough that it has some strength and I can’t imagine it breaking easily.

As usual, the hat is separate from the head.  I simply carve the head and then saw off a top portion on an angle.  The carved hat sits on this flat portion with a bit of fitting.  It will be epoxied in place for the final version.

I’m not sure if I went too far with the 5 o’clock shadow.  I wanted him to look like he’s been out-and-about for some time.  The shadow is a wash of Payne’s Grey over the skin colour.  That is a great hint that I picked up from Lynn Doughty’s site.

One of the things that I’m trying to do a better job on is the eye placement.  When I look back at my carving of Zeke, although I like the way that he turned out, I see now that the eyes are not set far enough back into the head.  A very good carving judge, Neil Cox, gave me that feedback and advice at the last Pickering Carving Show and I found it very valuable.




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