Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Roughing Out Ned’s Body

My neighbour, Ian, and I bandsawed out Ned’s body yesterday.  I just about immediately began carving in the back yard. Remember, that I’ve left a lot of wood for his jacket so that I can show it blowing in the wind as he pumps along on his railroad pump-car.

I won’t go too far with the detailing before I begin roughing out the arm and hand locations.  Remember, that his left arm is going to be up and holding his hat down from blowing off in the wind…and, his right arm will be up in position to pump the rail car.

I also came across a very good caricature of a basset hound and modified it a bit.  Once the little dog is bandsawed out, I’ll post that along with the drawing template that I created.





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