Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Trimming of the Ears

Some ear trimming was the next step for our little hound.  Basically, I just picked up where I left off earlier with the fitting of the ears to the arm and body contours using pencil lead as a marking tool to highlight the high spots that needed to be removed to get as tight a fit as possible.  Today, I shaved down the outside of the ears and added a bit of a fold at the front of the ear and a bit of a wave where the ear flows around the front leg, or arm, in this case ( because who ever heard of playing a banjo with a leg ).  Trimming the ear down went a long way to making the ear look soft and flexible like hound’s ears happen to be.


The other fun item was working the handkerchief a bit more.  Again, the inner fitting had been done earlier and now it was just a matter of creating some interesting folds and waves on the outside of the cloth.  Again, I tried to trim it down enough to make it look like how you’d imagine a bundle of light cloth to lay.  I’m already thinking of a nice checkered pattern for this handkerchief similar to the way that I painted the hobo bindle used on my carving of Hobo and Ned.



And lastly, I put a coat of satin urethane on the rocking chair and cushion to finish it up.  The urethane brought a nice glow to the wood and also made the “barnyard red” coloured cushion come to life a bit more.  I still want to add some cushion ties on the back, but, other than that, the rocker is complete.



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3 thoughts on “Trimming of the Ears

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    This is going to be so cute when you are done. You do such nice work with fantastic detailing. To anyone who thinks Mark’s work is terrific, they should see his work in person. I got the Hound Trio today and the photos do not do this mans work justice. We were amazed at the detailing that you can not see in the photo. The eyes are glossy like real eyes. he even got the shape of each dogs eyes. The little nails in the wood and the bent rusty one. Just beautiful. Thank you again for doing this piece for me. It will be cherished for many many years


  2. I agree with you Cheryl,I have two pieces Mark has made and they are just stunning,the detailing that goes into each piece is pretty spectacular and I will treasure them,Marks work is the best I have ever seen.


  3. Cheryl and Lynne, I’m so glad that you are enjoying my artwork. That’s very important to me. Thanks for the nice comments. Mark.


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