Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Castle Cottonwood is Finished!

The castle is now finished!  My Dad would have got a kick out of this carving.  About 25 years ago I gave my Dad a carving for Father’s Day and here we are on Father’s Day again and I’ve finished a carving for my daughter.  I miss my Dad a lot and wish he was here to enjoy this hobby with me.

You’ll notice a few additions from the last  post on this carving.  An additional tree has sprouted to hold up the castle turret.  I’ve carved out some windows, a little waterfall that is filling the moat and added some interesting items like the roots on the one tree wrapping around some rocks.  Just above the moat is a network of caves…perhaps, secret entrances to the castle!

This carving will hang in my daughter’s new house by the end of this week.





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3 thoughts on “Castle Cottonwood is Finished!

  1. I love my castle! It looks so great in the new house.
    Maybe I should hang the game of thrones mini-banners nearby that you made me for my birthday… or maybe Castle Cottonwood needs its own sigil: ‘Ours is the Cotton’.
    Love, Em


  2. I’m so glad that you like it. I think your new home is beautiful. We’ll need to fill it with carvings! Dad.


  3. We’re gonna need a bigger house …


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