Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ned’s Assembled Parts

The unfortunate part of carving various parts of a carving is that you get to a certain point where you start assembling the pieces and you end up…well, playing with the figure…rather than continuing on with carving.

So, given that, Ned’s been scooting around the dining room table top lately since the wheels and axles have been completed.  Actually, it’s a good thing that I didn’t make the pump mechanism actually pump with hinged arms or I’d never get this carving completed.


Since my last update, the wheels and axles are pretty much complete, although I do want to carve up some nuts and bolts to glue to the wheels.  I’ve also included some wedge shaped blocks that fit above and beneath the axles.  I thought that it was important to include some blocks beneath the axles as you will be able to see under the rail car to some extent once it’s up on the rails and ties that I’ll be carving at some point.  Also, you’ll notice the lifting beams that ran beneath these pump cars so that a couple of strong workers could lift the unit on and off the rails.

Hope you’re enjoying the updates.


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2 thoughts on “Ned’s Assembled Parts

  1. Cindy Wells on said:

    We are looking for a fantastic wood carver to carve the Gillespie family crest from Scotland. Saw your family crest from Ireland. Beautiful. Is it possible to see how much you would charge for us to commission you on this? Also would like to have the same shape of a shield done. We want to place this above our fireplace mantel in the main living room. Would like it stained in a dark wood since the woodwork in the house is done in warm grays and taupe.


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Cindy. Please contact me at with an e-mail address. Thanks, Mark.


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