Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Kingston Pembroke Railway

The pump-car got a paint job started yesterday.  Originally yellow in colour, you can see that it’s been out in the weather for a while ( just like Ned ) and looks a bit worse for wear.  The weathering with browns and greys was actually a lot of fun.  I’ve started putting some nail holes in the floor boards and will add some rusted-looking nails in a while.

Still a bit more to do on the pump car but I did add a weathered looking “Kingston Pembroke Railway” logo on the sides of the pump car.  I used old “Letraset” letters ( remember those? ) which are transferred onto the wood with a bit of rubbing.  Following that, I took a sharp knife and removed some portions of a few of the letters to make it look weathered as well.

The Kingston Pembroke Railway was a line that existed in the late 1800’s up to the mid-1900’s and served a wide area around where I live.  Known as the K&P it was often referred to as the “Kick and Push” railway…which might give us a hint as to its reliability at the time.

The other fun item that I added, and which is a bit difficult to see in these photos, is a Canadian Pacific brochure from the 1930’s.  I found this on the web and reduced it down, printed it on photo paper and backed it up with a small piece of house flashing ( metal ).  Ned’s holding it in his left hand.  Across the top of the brochure it says ” Across Canada “.  A fun little extra touch.

More updates to come soon.




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