Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

George Proudfeather

I took a minute today to take a few nice pictures of George Proudfeather…a bust that I completed some time ago but didn’t get around to taking a picture of…in “studio” style.  Before you get to thinking that I have a super professional studio, I’ll tell you that it consisted of a piece of board paper sitting on top of our dining room table.

I’ll be entering George in a few shows this Fall and am toying with entering him in the Bust Category rather than my usual Caricature Category.

I’ll be uploading a few more shots that I took on the Flickr Site.






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4 thoughts on “George Proudfeather

  1. The shots look great I have always struggled to take pictures of my stuff. So much to worry about light,shadow and point of view.


  2. The photos you’ve taken of your work look pretty good to me, Tohner. I just used a couple of incandescent lamps in desk-top lights on either side, and a flat black bristol board. After taking a couple of shots on a tripod without a flash, I just used the edit function on the computer to bring the colours up to realistic tones. Glad you like them.


  3. He looks really nice. You did a great job with the photos


  4. Thank-you Cheryl. Mark.


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