Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Rails and Ties…and, Captain America

I worked a bit on the ties and ballast that will make up a part of the base for Ned and “Hobo”.  The wood is basswood that I picked up at the Pickering Carving Show.  I carved several ties into the basswood and chiseled out some irregular ground between the ties.  My plan is to make this ground look like a combination of gravel and dirt with just the right amount of oil and debris to make it look like it’s been well travelled.  The rails themselves will be cut to the right lengths once I get the ties completed.



Now, how about Captain America…well, it doesn’t have much to do with carving but it is craft related and features my #1 son, Paul.  As he decided that he would be Captain America for Hallowe’en, Peggy has been very busy sewing and creating his costume.  She did a terrific job and he’s already been the Captain at one party with several more parties to come.   Happy Hallowe’en!




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4 thoughts on “Rails and Ties…and, Captain America

  1. Richard Brown on said:

    The carving is awesome but the smile on your son’s face is inspiring! Thank you for sharing them both!


  2. Michael Short on said:


    Thanks for posting all of the pics of this work in progress. I love the Hobo that you are carving and that dog is a great addition to the scene.

    Tell Paul that he makes a fantastic Captain America.


  3. Michael, I’ll pass along your nice comment to Paul and he’ll like that. I hope to get this carving finished soon and to a few shows coming up shortly in Ontario. Thanks for leaving a comment here. Mark.


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