Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Toby Gets Some Colour

Toby’s colouring was a bit of a challenge as there are many different shades in his coat.  I wanted to have the carving end up close to the real Toby, but didn’t want to get too dark in a small carving.

I started out with a light chocolate colour on Toby and then gradually highlighted him with a darker asphaltum brown, burnt umber and finally a wash of carbon black in some areas.  I think the variation of colours came out pretty nicely…in some light, you can see the lighter colours and in other light the darker colours seem to come out more.  The eyes are just blacked in at this point, but I’ll be adding colour to them shortly along with a bright clear epoxy finish to give it a glassy look.

Still need to paint up the dock and build the oak base…



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One thought on “Toby Gets Some Colour

  1. Whan Linda Kathleen on said:

    Looking good. Love the colors. Great job.


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