Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Paul likes Lola already…

I think that Lola is going to be one of Paul’s favourite carvings…especially when she gets that fish in her mouth!

I’m just starting to block in some shape to Lola.  She has one back leg swung under her in a very relaxed pose ( following some intense fishing ).  The fish…which I’m looking forward to carving…will be done in two pieces and glued into either side of her mouth.  I could have decided to carve the fish in one piece along with Lola’s head but this just wouldn’t have provided the strength that the two-pieced-fish would have with the wood grain oriented along the length of the fish.

Hope you like her so far…Paul does!



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2 thoughts on “Paul likes Lola already…

  1. Win Valiquette on said:

    I agree with Paul! Fabulous!


  2. Thanks Win. Lola is turning out to be pretty cute and I’m enjoying carving her.


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