Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

(Crochet) Maple Leaf Forever

Here’s an entry to my daughter’s blog that I liked. Mark

Ms Premise-Conclusion

Well, Canada Day is right around the corner. This Canada Day, of course, is special because it’s 150 years since confederation. If you’d rather not say “Happy 150th, Canada!” (because age is just a number after all) you can always go with “Happy Sesquicentennial, Canada!”, because silly words are more fun to say.

My Dad is experiencing some crafty patriotism – and I think it’s his fault that I’ve felt the Canada-crafty bug recently. He recently finished his part of a project called the Maple Leaf Forever Project.


Here’s the background: 150 years ago, Alexander Muir wrote a song called ‘The Maple Leaf Forever’, which was inspired by a large maple tree in Toronto. That tree stood where Alexander saw it for almost 150 years; in 2013 it was damaged by a wind storm and had to be taken down. Since the tree was so culturally significant, parts of…

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