Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Lucy’s Pals

With Lucy having been roughed in, it was time to provide a bit of shaping to one of her pals, Rain.   Now Rain apparently likes her 23 hours of sleep per day whether she needs it or not.  So, she’ll obviously be depicted as a bit laid back and with a bit of a “can’t you see I’m resting” attitude.

You’ll have seen the bandsaw blocking from a previous post…it was pretty hard to identify just what was going to come out of that pattern.  With the first bit of roughing complete, you can see that Rain will be stretched out pretty long with one hind leg tucked in and the other shooting off to the side.  Her front paws are under her jowls and the ears will cover the majority of those paws.  Speaking of the ears…you can’t see them because they’re not there.


I decided to add the ears in later as I wanted the grain of the wood going along the length of the ears for strength.  Eventually, these ears will flow over the paws and onto a dock…and, probably, the tips of an ear over the end of the dock.  I actually won’t start fitting the ears until I’ve done quite an amount of detailing of the head.

Here’s a shot of the two together in the rough positioning that they’ll end up.  Right now, Rain ( laying down ) looks larger than Lucy only because I left more wood so that I could create a “puddle” of wrinkles flowing over her and onto the dock.  She’ll be trimmed down a lot once I get detailing.



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One thought on “Lucy’s Pals

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    I’m loving it already! Puts a smile on my face 🙂 let the wrinkles and ears flow lol 🙂


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