Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

And the Squirrel Chaser Makes Three…

The three amigos are all together now and nestled into one another nicely.  I still need to come up with that little squirrel trying to share an acorn with her buddy.

I’ll need to get some larger basswood to start making up the dock base…and, then, a nice piece of hardwood to create the decorative lower base.  It’s a fun summer project.



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4 thoughts on “And the Squirrel Chaser Makes Three…

  1. Those are so… Cute! I honestly love them 🙂


  2. Great job making a material that is inherently hard look soft to the eye. I have a beagle (shorter ears) but similar attitude of a basset. As I type she is asleep on the couch.


    • Tohner, always appreciate your comments. Those flowing ears are a lot of fun to carve. I wanted to get that one ear looking like it was being bunched-up by the dog sitting against it. It’s always fun to try these different poses. Mark.


  3. Glad you’re enjoying this, Cheryl…they’re coming along nicely. They really take on a personality once the painting starts.


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