Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Squirrels and Tails

Our little squirrel received a bit more detail attention and also found a little acorn to bring to the party.  The little guy also received a light coat of gesso as a paint primer and is ready for some acrylic colours.


The tails are made from regular household wiring.  I simply remove the protective plastic from the copper wires and twine together the “black”, “white” and “ground” wires into a tight little braid.  The way that I do this is to pinch one end of the three wires together in a vise and the other ends into the chuck of a hand driven drill.  You could also use a battery operated hand drill…but, make sure that you go slowly.  I would not do this with a drill that doesn’t have a variable speed as this would be just too fast and dangerous to you.  You end up with a “braided” wire that you can epoxy into a drilled hole in the carving and then shape to the curvature that you’re looking for.



Once I get the tails to this point and positioned the way that I want them, I mix up some slow setting two-part epoxy and coat the tails with this mixture.  As the epoxy sets, you can form the epoxy around the wire to make a nice smooth surface that hides the wire and makes a great, slightly roughened surface for painting.


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2 thoughts on “Squirrels and Tails

  1. Looking good! Especially with the tails! 🙂


  2. Ha!…I knew you’d like the tails, Cheryl. I’m sure that your beautiful artwork is coming along nicely, as well. Mark.


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