Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Fitting the Banjo

I’ve been working on the basic shape and fit of the banjo in the Hound’s arms and he’s looking pretty good.  I was able to epoxy the arms in place now that the banjo is about the right size.  Still a lot of detail to go but this gives me some sense of the dimensions of things to work against.  I’ll probably carve the one back paw, now that I know where the banjo is going to sit, as well as a couple of roughed in ears, now that I have the front paws positioned.   Not the best photo, but you can get a picture of where we’re heading with this carving.



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3 thoughts on “Fitting the Banjo

  1. Looks great,you can really see it starting to take shape,love the banjo.


  2. That banjo is going to be fun, Lynne. I might trim it down a bit, but I like the general size right now. If you take a look at a banjo, it’s made up of a lot of screw tensioners holding the banjo “skin” tight. I’m planning on adding a number of metal rods…probably shiny bent nails…along the circumference as those tensioners. I think it’ll look pretty nice.


  3. It will look amazing,you really get the idea.


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