Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

All Prepped for Paint

Well, I think that I’ve done about as much as I need to before putting a bit of colour to this little hound.  Let me tell you what I’ve done since my last post.

The little handkerchief got a bit of checker-board paint.  The colours are barnyard red and butterscotch, with a bit of highlighting over the butterscotch with bright white.  Finally, the whole thing got a dry brushing of ivory to make it look a bit used.  I still need to put a coat of urethane on it to brighten up the colours further…but, I like the result so far.

I also carved in a hint of some claws on all of the paws and then epoxied all of the pieces in place…the ears and the one back paw that cuddles the banjo.  After that I gave the whole thing a coat of very thinned gesso.  Again, I like to use the gesso where many others like to paint directly onto the bare wood.  For me, the gesso serves to seal the wood and make a good base for the acrylics and it also tends to highlight any imperfections so that I can deal with them before the final paint.  Normally, the imperfections are little stray knife marks or some wood “fuzz” that I don’t like.  Normally.

This case wasn’t normal…once I put the gesso on I noticed for the first time that I forgot something…a tail!  I guess that the overalls threw me off…but I corrected that after I stopped laughing.  I made the tail in my typical fashion with some copper wire twisted together and coated with epoxy.  I wrapped it around the back of the chair and I like the way that it balances the handkerchief on the other side of the carving.  I’m still chuckling a bit because I have been accused in the past of omitting tails!

Hope you like the way that it’s turning out…I’m enjoying it.






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6 thoughts on “All Prepped for Paint

  1. The little hound is turning out beautifully Mark,I love the colour of the handkerchief too,I must admit I never even gave the tail a thought because I’ve enjoyed watching this little guy and the Banjo taking shape 🙂


  2. Haha! I had a good laugh over that. Do you like it with the tail?…I think it looks right.


  3. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Love your little hound! Like always you do such fine work. Ok but I have to just say something. Lol I know you going to love this remark. The tail! It curls like a cats tail. Dog tails don’t do that. A stiff curl upward like a sickle would look better I think. But… That is just my artistic opinion. 😃


  4. yes I do like it with the tail 🙂


  5. Geez, sorry to hear about your dogs’ stiff tails, Cheryl. Could it be their diet? Have they seen a vet? Haha!!! What a great observation. I spent a bit of time chasing Rosie around this morning and couldn’t get her tail to bend like that, either! Haha! Stay tuned for “Tail, Part Two”. Thanks, Mark.


  6. Cheryl Caro on said:

    Lol 😀


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