Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Tail Takes a New Direction…Literally

Any good artist always listens to input from others.  Did you know that Michelangelo actually started painting the floor of the Sistine Chapel?  Don’t quote me on that.

Well, after some good input from Cheryl and Lynne, some agreement from Peggy and a bit of experimentation on Rosie ( sorry Rosie ), the tail has taken a new direction.  Haha!

Actually, this is a good chance to show what the tail looked like with just the copper wire twisted together.  Once the epoxy is applied it fattens up the tail considerably and smooths out all of the bumps and spirals of the copper wire.

I like this look a lot better and I think I’ll fatten the tail up even more this time with the epoxy, but please weigh in!…your suggestions make this a lot of fun…and it’s easy to adjust the tail or remove it completely.



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4 thoughts on “The Tail Takes a New Direction…Literally

  1. Yes I like this too,it could appear that the tail is wagging from side to side in tune with the hound playing the Banjo and singing along 🙂 poor little Rosie,I have been the same inspecting my boys tail too lol and had some dirty looks 🙂


  2. Cheryl Caro on said:

    I like this pose a lot better too! About time you switch that poor hounds diet to make the tail stay straight! You must to had him on cat food! Lol 😝 and the only other suggestion I would make is to try and sculpture the tail a bit instead of being so uniformed like a tube. I only make these suggestions because I want you to take home first place in all categories! I don’t know anything about working with wood and epoxy but could you take fine wood dust and mix with the apoxy and paint it on with an artist pallet knife? Shaping the tail to get the flatter look like you mentioned.


  3. Sorry to break this to the both of you…but I changed the tail again. Now it just lies on the rocking chair seat to the side. It may change again, who knows?! I did end up building it’s thickness up a bit and I think it’s looking better. If I’m not satisfied I may give it a poodle cut over the Christmas holidays just for fun. Mark.


  4. I’m sure it looks great Mark 🙂


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