Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Weather-Worn Cowhand

Buford’s colouring is coming along and he’s looking pretty weather-worn from all of his ranch-hand duties.

I’m still not certain on the glove colour and it might change a bit, but I’m generally happy with the way he’s looking.  The blue vest has a red wash added in several coats to give it some depth and the camel coloured shirt has some burnt umber and asphaltum added in the crevices for depth.  Similarly, I added some purple in the crevices of the red neckerchief for highlights.  Some raw sienna and yellow ochre is added here and there for some added dirt.

I’m picturing grey pants and dark brown cowboy boots as the next steps.

It’s really nice that yard-work is crowding my carving and painting time…it’s been nice to get outside again after a long winter.



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4 thoughts on “Weather-Worn Cowhand

  1. Cheryl on said:

    He is coming along nicely. The yard work is taking a toll on these old bones of mine. I can’t wait to have it all finished


  2. Thanks Cheryl. Isn’t that funny…Peggy and I were just saying the same thing about our sore muscles!


  3. Buford looks really great and I like the colours,hope you are not too sore after your yard work.


  4. Glad that you are enjoying seeing Buford come to life, Lynne. Yeah, I’m sore, but the yard work soreness usually goes away by about October…


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