Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some New Lumber

Bruzer was in need of some lumber so Rosie and I chose a piece of cherry today and cobbled up a good strong hockey stick.  That bulb at the end of the stick was to allow me enough room to carve a really wicked hook along with many wraps of hockey tape!  Rosie was only mildly interested in the whole thing.

Following the shaping and fitting to the gloved hands, I carved in wraps of tape along the blade and the end of the shaft and painted them black highlighted with grey.  I also added a number of knicks along the whole stick to indicate where it’s been hit in frustration along the boards.  After staining the  unpainted portions, I dabbed some black and white along the stick and then used Letraset to add the “KOHO” brand name as well as the two pinstripes that you see.  The whole thing was then coated with satin polyurethane.

I think it turned out pretty reasonable.  I’m not sure that Bruzer is employed for his stick handling skills, but at least he has something to hold onto while he’s sitting things out in the penalty box.


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One thought on “Some New Lumber

  1. Lynne on said:

    Rosie is beautiful Mark,such a sweet little face and I’m guessing such a good helper 🙂 the hockey stick is fantastic,a perfect addition to the sculpture.


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