Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Painting Finished

Here are a few shots of the finished paint job.  I’m pretty pleased with the way that he turned out.

I darkened the recesses of the wrinkles throughout the carving to give them more depth.  The blue portions were darkened with red, and the red and yellow portions were darkened with brown.  I then used a slightly lighter blue than the jersey to dry brush over the entire figure.  The boards just got a few streaks of red, blue, yellow and black and then a light wash of a beige to make it look as if it’s had a bit of use.

Early this week I’m off to the lumber yard to get some nice hardwood for a base.  Stay tuned.


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4 thoughts on “Painting Finished

  1. Lynne on said:

    You have painted Bruzer beautifully,it’s such an amazing piece and as always perfectly carved.


  2. Cheryl on said:

    I agree with Lynne A really nice piece.


  3. Damn nice my friend. Damn nice


  4. Thanks Tohner. Hope you’re doing well. Mark


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