Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ready for Ears

The arms have been glued on the Beach Basset and I’ve done some additional detailing here and there.  I’m actually pretty happy with the way the face has turned out so far.  I’m shooting for an older dog look and I’m picturing those droopy eyes eventually looking at you over a newspaper.  I’m toying with those half-lens reading glasses as well.

Next step will be to add a couple of ears draped over the arms in my typical fashion for these bassets.

The weather has been just beautiful around Kingston which has been keeping me outside and away from a lot of carving.  But…rain is predicted this weekend, so maybe a couple of ears will appear.


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One thought on “Ready for Ears

  1. Looking good of what I can see. I can understand wanting to be outside. I am very much an outside person but like you, it’s not the rain or cold that keeps me indoors but the humidity and heat combo. I can’t wait to see this little basset when it’s complete


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