Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and we’re well into enjoying our turkey dinner.  The weather is just beautiful and we’re relaxing this weekend and enjoying all of the goodies on the table.

I did sneak away to get a bit more painting done on the latest project.   I think he’s looking pretty good at this stage but lots of detail and finishing to do yet.  The face is mostly white with a bit of off-white for highlights.  The ears, face and spots on the legs and paws are raw sienna.  The old-fashioned bathing suit is bright yellow and light blue.  Lots of highlights and a few spots of additional colour here and there will make the carving really stand out.  Oh yeah, and a newspaper and wire reading glasses are yet to come…


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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Rather strange thinking that yall having Thanksgiving now. Hope you didn’t eat too much that your so stuffed that you can’t finish your little guy! 😉 He is rather cute! I love the nose!


  2. You’re too late…I did eat too much. I don’t know how you guys can have a Thanksgiving dinner and then turn around and do it again a short time later at Christmas. This Thanksgiving-in-October thing at least gives me a chance to digest! By the way, I was glad to see you did so well with your mugs at the craft show.


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