Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

“Moving Day”

This next carving is going to be called “Moving Day”.  I came across an image of a guy crouched under a heavy load and it led me to think about a one-man moving task.  I’ve always admired the professional movers who are able to cradle a heavy box on their back and run up a set of stairs with it.

This little guy, yet to be named, won’t really have the physique needed for the job but through sheer will manages to move his belongings all on his own.

I decided to start with a clay sculpture again to make sure that I get the form right.  The packages and articles that he will carry won’t be sculpted in clay first…I just wanted to get the body right before tackling it in wood.

I started by stripping house wiring and twisting the three copper wire lengths together using my battery operated drill.  I then fashioned the basic body form and soldered the joints together.  Then, I just started applying modelling clay.  Still a ways to go before I start carving.

Let me know what you think!





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4 thoughts on ““Moving Day”

  1. This is so cool! I love the idea and cannot wait to watch it grow 🙂


  2. oh and I love seeing the creative process from start to finish! The background work is just as important as the finishing touches


  3. Cheryl on said:

    You are such a good 3 D artist! Can’t wait to see this guy evolve


  4. Fantastic idea and very interesting,the clay sculpture looks good and I’m looking forward to seeing it come together in wood.


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