Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Movin’ Mervin Slims Down

Well, it’s going to be Mervin.  And he, in fact, is slimming down a bit with some detailing.

Using knives and chisels, now, I’m taking some measurements from the clay that I produced and transferring them to the wood carving.  I’m not getting too hung up on precision but am trying to use the clay sculpture as a general guide for the pose.

His face got a bit of detailing too and I like the way that he’s starting to look.

Back to helping Peggy with the Christmas baking…she really can’t do without my taste-testing!



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2 thoughts on “Movin’ Mervin Slims Down

  1. Mervin is looking really good with the added detail,he is really taking shape,and taste testers are an important part of baking 🙂


  2. Yes, taste testing is really cutting into my carving time…but, somebody has to do it.


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