Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A New Tool!

Actually, it’s a tool that I have had for almost a year but really haven’t given it a project yet.  It’s a Proxxon reciprocating chisel and a tool that I had the pleasure of winning at the last Ottawa Carving Show and Competition.


This unit comes with three interchangeable blades that move back and forth at a very high rate of speed with little vibration and just a gentle “whir” from the motor.  Actually, the thing that you hear is the hammering of the reciprocating mechanism which is very slight in my opinion.  Best of all, it cuts like a hot knife through butter.  If you’ve ever been prone to soreness in your wrist from the heavier cutting associated with roughing-in a carving, you’ll want to at least consider this item.

I started roughing in the bandsaw-ed profile with a large Typhoon bit on a Foredom tool.  You can see the roughed up basic shape, here.


Then, I turned to this little gem of a tool for the final roughing.  What you see, here, is the Proxxon effect with a gouge blade as well as a little additional detailing with a regular carving knife on the head.  I’m on my way, now!





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4 thoughts on “A New Tool!

  1. Just amazes me how easy it is for you to carve such beautiful pieces.


  2. What a nice compliment…thanks Cheryl. If you want to see amazing, though, stand back and take a long look at your artwork ( for those that haven’t, check the link at the side of the page…Bassets Only & More ).


  3. I agree with Cheryl,you make it look so easy Mark and the attention to all the details you add in is just amazing.


  4. Thanks Lynne. This has turned out to be a perfect past-time. If it would only snow and get too cold to go outside and do something useful, I’d feel less guilty about spending hours carving!


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