Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

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Now that the clay work is done, I can get started on the carved version of the dog.

I made a quick pencil outline on a piece of paper based on the top, front and side view of the clay sculpture and then transferred that to a piece of basswood.  When it came off of the bandsaw, it looked like this…it looks huge only because it’s closer to the camera.


Once again, I used a combination of a Foredom tool with a Typhoon bit and later, a Proxxon  motorized carver to do the roughing in of the shape.  It’s still pretty chunky compared to the clay version, but that’ll give me a bit of  room for detailing.  All the detailing will now be done with knives and chisels.  I’m going to try to skinny down this little dog so he looks hungry enough to want to steal that sack of dog chow.


I had also done some preliminary work on the dog chow sack that this little pup will be trying to pull off of Mervin’s load.  I actually googled “Purina” dog chow and got a whole slew of different dog chows from a variety of brands dating back to production in the mid 1800’s in the U.K….Spiller’s, Molassine, Vims and several more.  I’ll choose one to put it’s 1930’s era logo and slogan on the sack.  One slogan is simply “better than the others”…I wonder who came up with that marketing breakthrough?

So, here’s what it’s going to roughly look like when the dog and sack is complete and in place.  Again, a benefit of adding the dog is to give me another base point for the carving.



Speaking of hungry and troublesome dogs,  Rosie is enjoying our first big ( and late for us ) snowfall.







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3 thoughts on “Back to Carving

  1. The little dog is really starting to take shape Mark and you get a good idea on how it’s going to look,I love the idea of the little guy trying to get the bag of food off Mervins load,it’s going to be another outstanding carving.


  2. Forgot to say…little Rosie looks anything but troublesome,she look so beautiful and angelic sitting in the snow 🙂


  3. No, you’re right, Rosie’s pretty wonderful.


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