Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Troublesome Friend

I just needed to add a dog somehow and decided that a mutt of some kind could possibly add to Mervin’s troubles.

I’m starting with clay again just to get the right pose down before I start into the wood carving.  This little dog will be tugging away at a sack of dog chow on Mervin’s load.

The addition of the dog is two-fold, really.  The  idea of it trying to keep the chow will help tell the story of moving, but it will also provide a third support for the carving…Mervin’s two feet and the dog.  I may even drill a long hole and install a rod or screw from the base of the carving up through the dog’s mouth and into the sack to give greater strength to the overall carving.

Here’s the start to the clay sculpture.  There could be a bit of Spaniel, Lab and Basset in this little guy.  You artists and dog lovers chime in…does the pose look right?





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5 thoughts on “A Troublesome Friend

  1. Your little dog looks fantastic and the pose looks just right,I can’t wait too see him tugging on the rope,this sculpture is going to be something special Mark.


  2. I’m starting to carve the dog today, so we’ll see how he turns out. I didn’t think that a purebred Basset would fit into the scene…so I went with a mutt!


  3. A little cat weaving between his legs as well? That would be awkward considering his load! Thanks for sharing!


  4. A cat weaving between his legs, maybe? The dog’s pose looks great. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thanks Eric. That would have been good. I’m going to add a cat to the carving as part of the “load” as most cats that I’ve known are generally found just laying around!


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