Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Crate’s Ready for Packing

I painted the crate with a sand coloured acrylic followed by some browns ( burnt umber and asphaltum ) at the edges of the boards along with some grey to make the boards look weathered.  I then added several washes of light beige ( linen ) and yellow to give the impression of weathered grain.  After I lettered the sign, I “scrubbed” in some yellow ochre and raw sienna to dirty things up.

I picked up the lettering style from a web search for “1930’s signs” and I think it turned out pretty well.  I kept the lettering painting pretty thin ( almost like a wash but a bit heavier ) so that it would be a bit translucent and look like it had worn away.  Finally, I finished up with a few streaks of yellow and the sand colour in spots to make it look like the lettering had completely worn through in those areas.

Everything got a light coat of satin polyurethane that was applied and then mostly removed with a paper towel.  This method of the final coat is something that Lynn Doughty “taught” me and it produces a nice dull but protective finish.

Mervin’s business slogan just seems to fit the situation….!



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3 thoughts on “Crate’s Ready for Packing

  1. Fabulous,and love Mervins slogan,it fits perfectly 🙂


  2. Cheryl on said:

    With each piece you paint this piece gets better and better ! Can’t wait to see this one finished. Famtastic job!


  3. Thanks! There sure are a lot of pieces to paint!


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