Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Good Boy

Our little dog is eager to get his fill of “Good Boy Dog Chow.”

I actually came across a vintage brand of dog chow called “Good Boy” and combined that name with the old Purina checkered border on their packages.  I liked the way that it turned out as both the checkers and the label were painted to look stretched by the little dog which helps the whole image of the heavy sack getting pulled away from the moving load.




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2 thoughts on “Good Boy

  1. Yolanda Lyons on said:

    He is a gorgeous little guy! I have to keep looking at him because he looks like he could move any moment. Such a great job!


  2. Thanks Yolanda. I’m pretty happy with the way that he turned out as well. I wanted to add a dog but wanted to make sure that he came across as a “street” dog…a bit of a mutt. This one is a fairly well cared for mutt in that at least he has a nice collar and tag!


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