Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Let the Carving Begin…

I picked up some very nice 1 1/8″ thick basswood and am ready to begin carving.  I was originally intending to carve into the built box, but am going in a different direction with it by carving into the individual sides and then gluing it together as a box later.

I cut out the exact size that I needed for one of the box sides and glued a copy of the drawing that I made directly onto the wood.  My plan is to cut around and into the paper copy as I produce the relief carving using a combination of chisels and Foredom tools.

When the figure and archway are carved and sanded, I’ll use my radial arm saw to cut the sides and bottom of the basswood at a 45 degree bevel.  Each side and the box bottom cut with the 45 degree bevels will make the gluing surfaces for the box construction.  This way, each glued edge will be hidden and not show any end grain.

That’s my plan…if you have a different idea, let me know.



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