Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Another Braided Rug

This is my second braided rug, the first one being included with “The Country Hound.”

I made it along the same lines…I first used a parting tool ( v-shaped ) and a knife to make channels for the line of braids and followed that up with a wood burning tool to give each row a lot of definition.  I then burned the actual braids into the lines by making individual “y’s” that looked like a herring bone design when it was finished.

The painting used three different shades of the same colour in each section.  So, as an example, the blue section consisted of a pale blue, a medium blue and a dark blue repeated over and over ( …and over and over ).  It is truly mindless work but the final result looks nice.

I finished it off with a light dusting of beige and a spray of matte finish.  I would normally use a satin urethane and then wipe away the excess, however, there are so many crevices left from the wood burning tip that it would be impossible to wipe away all of the urethane and you’d be left with a lot of very shiny areas.

I also painted the “porcelain” on the kitchen sink and made sure that I added ample water stains with some yellow-ochre.  The porcelain colour is basically white with washes of “linen.”  I then brushed several coats of white glue ( it’s actually a bit yellow in the bottle) over the whole thing to give the porcelain some depth.  It seemed to turn out pretty well.



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2 thoughts on “Another Braided Rug

  1. Both look fabulous Mark and so real,I cannot wait to see it all together,it’s going to be another beautiful carving 🙂


  2. I’m getting closer!


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