Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Moving Experience

All done and tied down with tea-soaked twine!  Mervin’s off to the Canadian Woodcarving Championship Show in Hamilton this weekend…

I’ll get some more photos on Flickr next week.  Just click on the photo, below, and you’ll get a larger view.


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6 thoughts on “A Moving Experience

  1. Es de una belleza he ingenio….que ganas de tener un poco de tu habilidad .



  2. Awesome!!! I love the one haul that’s all! Good luck with the show! Has to be a first place winner or buy those judges some glasses!


    • Thanks Cheryl. I picked up on your suggestion and brightened a few parts a bit more with white. I didn’t have time to use an airbrush but I am planning on giving airbrushing a try on some test paper next week when I’m back.


  3. Beautiful carving Mark,a very worthy winner of Ribbons for sure,have a great time at the show.


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