Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Load ‘Em Up

Well, Mervin finally has some colour and some of the load is now glued in place.  It’s looking pretty good, all in all.  You learn something new with each carving and although there are a few things that I would now do differently, I’m really pleased with the way this carving is turning out.

I picked up a nice piece of maple for a base and carved in some cobblestone and painted it using a reddish-brown and highlighted with burnt umber and yellow ochre.  In between the cobblestones is a sand coloured acrylic paint with a wash over it of the same colour as the bricks.

Notice in behind the carving there was a bit of a dead space that just didn’t look right, so I added a little sewer opening.  I like the way it fits in with the carving and makes it look like Mervin has just stepped off of the curb and is on his way down the road.

By the way, the maple was very, very hard.  I think I’ll return to a softer hardwood on my next carving.





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4 thoughts on “Load ‘Em Up

  1. Truly an outstanding piece Mark,you have also captured the strain on Mervins face with carrying his heavy load and all the pieces look so real,beautiful work as always.


  2. I should be able to make a bit more progress this weekend, Lynne. I might just have it ready for the Canadian Carving Show next weekend. Mark


  3. This is truly an awesome carving! You have to win with this piece! You are stepping it up for your competition! I was wondering if you have ever tried or thought of adding airbrushing to your work. With just the slight touch of air brush here and there it can really make the piece pop! Not to mention it softens it. They have some really fine air brush needles that you can control really well. You could airbrush lighter color on the knees that would make the pants looked worn but yet soft. You could add a tiny bit of reddish pink on his nose and cheeks. I’m just planting a seed into your thoughts for future carvings. 😃 I painted some models for my sons and after I would come with the slightest airbrushing of white on the folds of the clothes that stood out and you can’t imagine just tiny touches like that make the piece look really professional


  4. Thanks Cheryl. I’m really liking this carving. Great suggestions about the air-brushing. I actually have an air brush that I’ve never used! I’m going to try that on my next carving. You can’t see it in this photo, but I actually add some lighter colour “wear” on the pointy parts of his body and have some pink on the top of his ears and on his nose. I think that air-brush idea will make that easier.


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