Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ottawa Carving Show

I attended this year’s show in Kars this weekend put on by the Outaouais Wood Carvers and had a great time.  A big part of making it a great weekend was meeting up with my cousin, Humphrey, in Ottawa and spending a good portion of the day with him visiting the Canadian War Museum and later attending the carving show.  Humphrey and I have a shared interest in remembering the Sheridan history and although his research exceeds mine, I always enjoy the tidbits of information that we share to puzzle the picture together.

Later at the carving show, we were treated to some great carvings.  Although I would have liked to have brought my latest carving along, it would have been too rushed to be ready so “A Moving Experience” took the trip with me.  Mervin the Mover received Best in Class, Best in Division and Judges’ Sentimental Favourite ribbons.


Some terrific carvings and pyrography works were displayed as well.  You can click on the photos below to enlarge them.

The highlight for me in the carving show was presented by my friend, Tony Endhoven, who created a tremendous carving accented by his pyrography skills and entitled “A Death of Innocence.”  As I stood around chatting with Tony, I was stunned with how many people were approaching him to thank him for doing the carving.  Very well done.



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2 thoughts on “Ottawa Carving Show

  1. Lynne on said:

    Many congratulations Mark,Mervin is a fantastic piece and you deserve the recognition and ribbons for him and I’m certain you would have got plenty more for your roadster hounds too…….sounds like a good day was had by everybody and those are some lovely sculptures however the “A Death of Innocence” pyrography is spectacular,so beautifully done.


  2. My photo actually doesn’t do it justice…it was very intricate and well done.


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