Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Cottonwood Bark Treehouse

Happy Canada Day!…149 years old and counting.

I made this treehouse for my friends who picked up all of the Cottonwood bark from their cottage property for me.  This particular piece had a nice split nature to it and I thought it would give it a nice look.



These little carvings come together pretty quickly and I really should have had my camera at the ready to capture of few more “in progress” shots.
















I left a bit more bark than I usually do and I think that it really enhanced the carving.  When it was finished, I gave it one light coat of satin urethane on the carved sections, which tends to darken things up and left the bark natural.

I hadn’t realized that Cottonwood is in the Poplar family of trees although the size of the tree and the coarseness of the bark is definitely different than any of the Poplars that I’ve seen in Ontario.


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