Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Cottonwood Villa

Last fall my neighbour brought me a basket of Cottonwood bark from a tree at his cottage.  I didn’t realize that there were Cottonwood trees in Ontario.  The bark is a bit different from the same tree bark that I’ve carved from western Canada, but the general “carve-ability” of the bark is the same.

I cut two short segments from one piece of bark and, after planing the inside surface flat, I glued them together so that I could get an “in-the-round” carving out of it.  The inside of the bark is hollowed out so that the window openings have the impression of having some depth to them.  Next time I do this, I’m going to temporarily glue the halves together so that I can separate them easily after I’ve finished carving.  This separation will allow me to hollow out the sections near the windows a lot faster ( and easier ) than I did this one.

It’s a nice little carving that can sit on an end table.  Just click on the photo, below, to make it bigger.


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